dinsdag 19 mei 2009

1982 - Evilive "3-pack" (7" EP)

A1 20 Eyes
A2 Night Of The Living Dead
A3 Astro Zombies
A4 Horror Business
B1 London Dungeon
B2 All Hell Breaks Loose
B3 We Are 138
Pressing Info:


2 acetates labeled "Star Records And Productions, Plan 9, 1981" with "All Hell Breaks Loose" on one side and "We Are 138" on the other.


Plan 9: PL1019 (December 1982)

1000 copies distributed through Fiend Club, stamped and numbered on back by Glenn with yellow label and insert. The front cover has a live shot of the band taken on 04/13/1982 at the Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles, CA. Henry Rollins from Black Flag and Earl Liberty from Saccharine Trust can be seen in the audience.
99 copies available in 33 special edition packs. Each pack contained 3 copies of the EP, one with a Jerry cover, one with a Doyle cover and one with a Danzig cover, all with orange center labels. Some of these copies were numbered and autographed by Glenn.
1000 copies, unnumbered, with a live shot of Glenn and Doyle on the cover. These copies are available with yellow or orange center labels. Yellow is the more common color.
Insert: Recording information
(Fiend Club edition only).

17-12-1981 The Ritz; New York, NY (1-5)
20-11-1981 Broadway. San Francisco, CA (6-7)
+ Henry Rollins: additional vocals (song 7)

17-12-1981 The Ritz; New York, NY

A1 I Turned Into A Martian
A2 Horror Business
B1 London Dungeon
B2 20 Eyes

Pressing Info:

These 4 songs were released on an EP entitled "Revenge Will Be Ours".

25 to 50 black vinyl copies with blue and yellow sleeve.

400 white vinyl copies with purple and yellow sleeve.

400 black vinyl copies with purple and yellow sleeve.

400 purple or red vinyl copies with purple and yellow sleeve.

The side order is reversed on the record sleeve.

1981 - Halloween (single)

A Halloween
B Halloween II

Pressing Info:
Plan 9: PL1017 (October 30, 1981)
5000 copies.
Approximately 10 with black and white sleeve.
Producer: The Misfits.
Recorded: 1981 Mix-O-Lydian Studio.
This record was dedicated to Susan Hannaford Rose of the Monster Movie Club. Although Doyle was credited as guitarist on this single, Bobby Steele's guitar on "Halloween II" was used. At some point, Glenn printed black and white sleeves some singles that had no sleeves. There were allegedly about 10 of these singles given out to his friends. Tesco Vee of The Meatmen and a member of The Big Boys among them.
Insert: Lyrics to "Halloween" on orange paper.

December 3, 1978

1981 - Glenn Danzig - Who Killed Marilyn (single)

A Who Killed Marilyn?
B Spook City U.S.A.
Pressing Info:

Plan 9: PL1015 (August 5, 1981)

5000 black vinyl copies.

Approximately 10 copies have Marilyn's hair colored yellow on the front cover.

Approximately 2-4 copies have purple eye shadow colored on the center labels. All other copies have black and white center labels.

3 black vinyl copies with white "PRI Record Pressing" center labels made for the 2nd pressing.


Plan 9: PL1015 (August 1983)

25 black and purple swirled vinyl copies.
Glenn remembers coloring purple eye shadow on 1 swirled copy, which he gave to Tesco Vee of The Meatmen. This copy is now owned by Jerry Pardue.

500 purple vinyl copies.

Recorded: 1981 Mix-O-Lydian Studio

Because this Glenn Danzig solo single is collected by almost all Misfits collectors, it is included in this discography.

For the 2nd pressing, Glenn colored purple eye shadow on the center labels of some of the copies.

There were 3 test press copies for the 2nd pressing in 1983: one went to Glenn, one went to Steve Zing, and one went to Eerie Von. Glenn later sold his copy to Bleecker Bob's in Los Angeles, where it was purchased by Johnathan Grimm. Eerie's copy, now owned by Elizabeth Bouras, has a black and white copy of the regular sleeve, whereas others have no sleeve.

At least one purple vinyl copy was issued missing a center label.

1981 - 3 Hits from Hell (EP)

A1 London Dungeon
B1 Horror Hotel
B2 Ghouls Night Out

Pressing Info:
Plan 9: PL1013 (April 1981)
7000 black vinyl copies with light grey/white label and large center hole.

3000 black vinyl copies with red/orange label and large center hole.

The vast majority of these copies have "R-10261" in A-side matrix, and "R-10262" in B-side matrix.
Several copi
es exist without the "R-10261/2" etchings. Jerry Pardue and Tim Cotter own regular copies with A-side center labels on both sides.
2nd: Plan 9: PL1013 (Spring 1986)
400 white vinyl copies with red label, large center hole, black and white cover, "R-10261" in A-side matrix, and "R-10262" in B-side matrix.

400 black vinyl copies with red/pink label and small center hole.
Fiend Club advertisement (1st pressing only).

Recorded: 08-1980 Master Sound Studio

The center labels vary greatly in color. Some of the orange labels look pinkish and the grey center labels range from almost white to dark grey.
Although most discographies list 3000 grey label copies and 7000 red/orange label copies, the grey vinyl copies ar
e extremely more common. The 2nd pressing was partially distributed by Caroline Records. Glenn had originally planned to include the 1986 reissues in the proposed box set of 4 singles he mentioned in 1986 interviews with Thrasher and Black Market.

1980 - Beware (EP)

A1 We Are 138
A2 Bullet
A3 Hollywood Babylon
A4 Attitude
B1 Horror Business
B2 Teenagers From Mars
B3 Last Caress12" EP
Pressing Info:

1st: Plan 9: PLP9;
Armageddon/Spartan Records;
Cherry Red (January 1980)
3120 copies released in the UK.

Some copies sold through the Fiend Club included an 8"x10" distorted photo of the album cover.
01//1978 (1-4)
- 01//1979 (5-6)
- 09//1979 (7)

The record label sticker on side 1 has the band logo, song listings for both sides, and copyright information for the EP. The label sticker on side 2 has a picture of the Crimson Ghost.

This EP was supposed to be released to promote the UK tour of 1979, but the record sleeve had not been finished by the time they arrived in the UK.
In fact, Glenn came up with the title and scribbled it on a piece of paper after seeing signs that said "Beware Bollards" during the tour of England.

The EP was finally released after The Misfits returned to the United States. Many discographies list the pressing of this EP at 15,000 copies.
The scarcity of this item among collectors makes 1500 a much more
reasonable number.